Time to venture into guiding

January 26 2011
Today I have finally decided to delve into the dark art of guiding. At present my current equipment limits me to 3min subs. This is achievable by accurate polar alignment, however every 3 sub is unuseable due to deficiencies within the worm gear. For that reason I have been debating autoguiding for some time and today I have finally made my choice.
Atik Titan

I chose the Atik Titan as it is a jack of all trades CCD camera. It can be used for general astrophotography, employs a high frame rate for planetary photography and also has a built in ST4 port making it usable as a guider. It is also cooled, thus reducing the noise levels.
I plan to guide primarily with this camera but the lure of lunar imagining with the high frame rate will surely win.
I have opted for the mono version as these are, apparently more sensitive and better as a guider.

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