Atik Arrives

January 27 2011
Today the Atik arrived at work. A quick check over of box and everything is there. Once home I check it all out and install the software on my Mac (onto my Parallels Window system.)
The camera takes a while to connect and get an image but a re-boot of windows sorts this out.
So the plan is to use my finderscope as a guiderscope, the only thing now is to sort out the connection of the two items!
The rear eyepiece on my SW 50mm finderscope can be unscrewed leaving behind a thread which is marginally under 2” in diameter. I need to get down from this to the 1.25” of my Titan. Just to check things out and make sure focussing can be achieved I use a hack involving a toilet role and some masking tape.
I connect everything up, hook back to my telescope and point the lot at the bookcase on the other side of the room. Success, I can acheive focus but the slightest movement cause lots of vibration in the set up.
After an hour or so of trawling the internet I come across Modern Astronomy who sell threaded adapters aimed at connecting a CCD camera to a finderscope.

© Modern Astronomy

These are advertised to connect the QHY guide cameras and are generally suitable for cameras with a recessed sensor set back between 10-15mm.
I contacted Modern Astronomy to check if this woruld work with my Atik and the response was positive. So I ordered it.

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