M42 Expanded

March 06 2011

Well, on Friday night I managed to get out again and do some more imaging.
I decided, due to the long focal length of my scope, to try getting the running man (NGC 1977) to add to my M42.
I had great difficulty in adding the mosaic together. First I chucked it all into DSS, which seemed to do the job but the results were not that good (see attached) There was a distinct dark band where the frames overlapped and the stars to the bottom of M42 went a bit funny.
So I decided to stack M42 and tweak in DSS. Then stack the Running Man and tweak in DSS using the same settings as for M42.
In photoshop I then combined the two and masked out the dark band.
M42 - 6 x 600s Subs, 4 x 600s Darks, Bias, no flats
Running Man - 6 x 600s Subs, 8 x 600s Darks, Bias, no flats
Guided with Atik Titan and finderguider
Stacked in DSS
Finished in CS4

© Lee Diggle 2011

Im not entirely happy with the core of M42, it seems a bit grubby, if you know what I mean. I think I need some better subs for the core. Also I have just noticed a slight yellow band between M42 and the Running Man. Still its one to work on.

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