First Attempt at the Flame and Horse Head

March 08 2011
I managed to get out last night and try my hand at the Flame and Horse Head Nebula in Orion.
I took a total of 12 x 600s but only 7 darks. I think I need to add a few more darks to this.
10 (of 12) x 600s Lights stacked in DSS
Darks, Bias and Flats.
Post Processed in CS4

© Lee Diggle 2011
I was really pleased that the horse started to show up. I reviewed a single frame on the camera and could clearly see the Flame and thats it. I was worried weather I had framed the shot right to included it!
This was my first time taking and using flats. They seemed to work well and Im glad I took them as I have a rather large mark on the sensor that looks like a hair or something and the flats took care of that. Out of curiosity I stacked without the flats after to see what the effect was on vignetting and was pleasantly surprised. That is the flats really took care of the vignetting for me.
I think I have come to the limits of my D200 with this object as it was really hard to get any red in it. Also the flame appears to be washed out, almost like a gradient of some sort which I can not get rid of. However, after seeing several images on the internet it appears that this is correct?
Full of noise which I know more subs will help with.

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