A General Update

February 24 2013

So its been over 3 months since my last post and I have a bit of free time so thought I would let you all know whats been happening.

My weather station has, unfortunately been returned. After the second anemometer failed I thought it best to return the complete station for a refund. I think further research into this will be needed and may a bit more money spent on a units if I decide to venture into weather records.

The wife and I have booked a couple of week breaks this year, one in Skye and one in west Wales. Both breaks are to the places with good dark skies and good opportunities for mountain biking - perfect. In order to limit the amount of kit Im taking I have decided to buy myself an Astrotrac. Hopefully this will also get me imaging more as it will be easier to set up and use than my NEQ6 and 250p DS. Ultimately I plan to have this mounted in an obsy, but thats a while off yet.

So, feel free to come back and check out my blog as Ill be updating it when my new toy arrives.

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