General Update

October 7 2012

Wow, its been 6 months since my last post and I’m afraid to say in those 6 months the scope hasn’t ventured out once, through a combination of lack of clear skies and light nights. 

That is slowly changing. 

The nights are drawing in and the only thing left to scupper me is the weather.

Speaking of the weather, the recent bad spell brought to our shores by the remnants of Tropical Storm Nadine has prompted me to purchase a weather station so I can begin to keep my own records of what we experience. I therefore aim to supplement this blog with monthly updates of the weather.

To fill the void left behind by the lack of astronomy I have also decided to rekindle another hobby of mine - mountain biking. This culminated in dusting off the old MTB and getting out around the trails after work in Leigh Woods and Ashton Court. Several months later my fitness has improved no ends and I have also brought myself a ‘proper’ mountain bike.

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