M81 and M82

March 28 2012

OK, so I’m on a run now! Last night was a try at M81 and M82. M82 is a target with which I have history and something I have tried before right at the start of my journey.

This has also proven that my double cluster wasn't a fluke......
Last night was only a short run as I had to be up early this morning for work. Anyway below is the result of an hours worth of data in 10min subs. Focus was achieved with my home made Y mask, as explained in my Double Cluster post.
6 x 10min exposure (10 taken in total, 4 discarded with trails etc), Flats, no darks.
Guided with finder guider and PHD
Nikon D7000, ISO1000
Skywatcher 250p DS on NEQ6 Pro

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